DripStop Steel Sheeting (Anti-Condensation)


DripStop Steel Sheeting (Anti-Condensation)

Drip Stop Fleece steel sheeting is an anti-condensation solution. As warm, moist air within a building comes into contact with cold surfaces there is a risk of condensation as the air cools and is unable to support the same amount of moisture. Condensation occurs commonly on the underside of roofs of single-skin metal sheeting during the winter, but also on clear nights when night sky radiation substantially lowers the temperature of the roof surface.

The condensate dripping and collecting within a building could cause rust, rot or damage to fittings through the fabric of the building and equipment below.

 Benefits of Drip stop

  • slows the formation of condensate by insulating the sheeting
  • prevents condensate dripping from the underside of the roof
  • holds condensate safely until it evaporates by ventilation

Available in most profiles & Colours but may be subject to minimum order please ask for details.


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