Ashgrid Spacer System


Ashgrid Spacer System

Ash & Lacy Ashgrid Spacer Bar Systems are designed to deal with varying U Value requirements as the depth can be varied.

Available in a depth of 180mm – 400mm to comply with Building regulations, the ABV Bracket incorporates four points of contact with the bar, requiring no sway brackets.

The Ashgrid Spacer bar system reduces time and cost on site by using a simple three step method of installation. SafeLoc Bar and brackets are included to ensure a tight and reliable bar connection, essential to ensuring stability throughout construction.

Unlike some systems that rely on fixings to prevent the bars separating the enhanced Ash & Lacy AshGrid AG40 spigot design with its new SafeLoc security feature provides enhanced structural performance and reduces risks on site at the click of a tab.


  • Built-Up Flat Roofing Systems
  • Asbestos Encapsulation
  • Firewalls – Available with Glass Wool or Stone Wool
  • Built-Up Cladding Systems
  • Pitched Roofing


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