Classic Liquid Waterproofing System


Classic Liquid Waterproofing System

Classic Liquid waterproof coating is an easy liquid waterproofing solution to apply over existing roofing systems, creating a robust and continuous waterproof layer.

 The rapid curing, liquid waterproof polyurethane membrane is easy to apply, requires only one coat and leaves a bubble-free finish.  Due to its tensile strength there is usually no need for additional reinforcing fabric to be used alongside it, unless it is used over a bituminous material.

Apply with brush or roller.


ClassicLiquid Guarantee Application Form

ClassicLiquid Joint Mastic Data Sheet

ClassicLiquid Joint Mastic SDS

ClassicLiquid Primer Data Sheet

ClassicLiquid Primer SDS

ClassicLiquid Self Adhesive Tape

ClassicLiquid Thickening Additive For Incline

ClassicLiquid Thickening Additive SDS

ClassicLiquid Top Coat Technical Spec & Advantages

ClassicLiquid Walkway Data Sheet

ClassicLiquid Walkway SDS

ClassicLiquid Waterproof Coating Brochure

ClassicLiquid Waterproof Coating SDS


ClassicLiquid Detail Coating Data Sheet

ClassicLiquid Detail Coating SDS

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