Classic Bond EPDM Rubber


ClassicBond 1.2mm (.047”) and 1.5mm (.060)

Suitable for single ply roofs and reroofing projects – the Classic Bond EPDM Rubber is a non reinforced EPDM rubber elastomeric homogenous roof membrane. Available in widths of up to 15m, and lengths up to 30.5m – all membranes are dusted and both thicknesses have Proof T4 fire rating status.



CB-Tape06 ps_cured_cover_tape_msds

CB-Tape06 ps-152mm-cover-strip

CB-Tape09 ps-228mm-uncured-flashing_2

CB-Tape09 ps-uncured-elastoform-flashing-msds_2

CB-TapeRuss ps-russ-strip-msds

CB-TapeRuss russ-strip

CB-WBA water_based_deck_adhesive_tds

CB-WBA wba-deck-adhesive-msds

CB-WCM water-cut-off

CB-WCM water-cut-off-mastic-msds


CB-12 1_2mm_classicbond_fire_rating_roof_b

CB-12 CB-15 classicbondbba-4853ps1i2-2014

CB-12 CB-15 Technical Data Sheet

CB-12 classicbond_bs476_1.2mm_f-ab

CB-15 classicbond_epdm_1.5mm_class_broof_t4_13501-5__e_

CB-15 classicbond_epdm_1.5mm_faa_pt_3_report__e_

CB-CON classicbond_bonding_adhesive_new

B-CON contact_adhesive_msds

CB-Corner-Patch-Ext ps-228mm-uncured-flashing_1

CB-Corner-Patch-Ext ps-uncured-elastoform-flashing-msds_1

CB-Corner-Patch-Int ps-228mm-uncured-flashing

CB-Corner-Patch-Int ps-uncured-elastoform-flashing-msds

CB-Drain-Horizontal angled-roof-drain

CB-Lap lap_sealant_msds

CB-Lap lap-sealant

CB-Primer safety_data_sheet_hp-250-primer

CB-Primer technical_data_sheet_epdm-primer

CB-Spray-005 523000cb.bonding_500ml_aerosol

CB-Spray-005 cb_sprayable_bonding_spb_aerosol_sds

CB-Tape03 ps-76mm-securtape

CB-Tape03 ps-splice-tape-msds

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