Flexitec 2020 GRP Roofing System


Flexitec 2020 GRP Roofing System

The Res-Tec Flexitec 2020 system is a malleable, single resin GRP roofing system providing full overlay and new deck capabilities. Incorporating the best features of fibreglass as well as the adaptability of overlay systems – this liquid waterproofing product, is the perfect flat roof solution that performs in many situations.


Flexitec 2020 Feature Table (April 18)

Flexitec 2020 Fire Test Certifications

Flexitec 2020 Powder Hardener Ready Reckoner

Flexitec 2020 Technical Data Sheet

Using Flexitec with ResTrims

Flexitec 2020 Application Manual (May 2018)

Flexitec 2020 Application Overview (05-18)

Flexitec 2020 BBA Watertightness Report

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