Trimline & Highline Gutters & Downpipes


Trimline Gutter & Highline Gutters & Downpipes

Trimline Gutter / Trimform Gutter & Highline gutters & downpipes are designed to hang from a box profile sheet – coming as a 0.7mm thick steel, to match the roof or wall sheets. The inside leg of the gutter is fixed to the underside of the box profile sheet and a gutter arm is used to extend the crown for the sheet and support them outside of the trimline gutter edge.

Our gutter support arms come in 600mm in length and are made to suit the specific profile being used. Usually support arms are also spread 600mm apart along with the guttering.

Trimline / Trimform & Highline gutters are supplied 3m in length which are conjoined through internal butt straps – fixed using stitcher screws and mastic.  Stop ends care supplied loose and is handed dependant on which end is required for the project.

Trimline Gutter / Trimform Gutter & Highline gutters are designed to give you a shadow line effect to give you more of an enhanced look.

Available in various different colours and materials such as leather grain, HPS, Prisma (smooth) & Spectrum (smooth)

Does not require any fascia boards.

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