Cemsix Fibre Cement Sheeting (P6 profile) 1016mm Cover Width


Cemsix (Profile 6) Fibre Cement Profile Sheet

Corrugated fibre cement sheeting for roofing and cladding

The Cembrit corrugated Fibre-Cement sheeting is a high quality and durable product used for roofing and cladding within the agricultural, industrial and storage building markets.

The Cemsix Fibre Cement profile sheet is much denser than its semi compressed counterparts – being fully compressed, the Cemsix Fibre cement is highly durable and better equipped to withstand wear and erosion.

Made with the Cembrit 3 part colouration process, they are available in a variety of colours also available are the natural grey ‘low sheen’ and Cemscape Anthracite all to help lower aesthetic impact.

As well as having over 100 years in manufacturing fibre reinforced cement roofing and cladding products, the entire Cemsix system is covered by the BBA Agreement Certificate 03/4049 and is guaranteed for 30 years for durability and 10 years colour stability.

Profile 6 cement sheets have the properties to accommodate modern ventilation systems suitable for the stock in your building allowing for compliance with the latest requirements for, and to improve, animal welfare.

The Cembrit Cemsix range also includes profiled rooflights – providing natural light directly into your building


Minimum Pitch 5 Degrees

Sheet Sizes: Cemsix

1375mm (4ft 6”)

1525mm (5ft)

1825mm (6ft)

2125mm (7ft)

2440mm (8ft)

2750mm (9ft)

2900mm (9ft 6”)

3050mm (10ft)

3660mm (12ft)

Cemsix sheeting colours



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