Multivault Barrel Vault Rooflights


Multivault Barrel Vault Rooflights

 The Brett Martin Multi-vault is a cost effective and simple barrel vault solution for large scale projects. Each vault laps with another to form GRP rooflight runs of any length and spans of up to 1 to 4m.

  • Fully factory assembled Multivault GRP are delivered to site ready to install.
  • Ideal for flat, curved, standing seam, low and standard pitch roofs.
  • The integrated aluminium bar and the well-fitting insulated aluminium end closures makes Multivault GRP a robust rooflight option.
  • Triple skin Multivault GRP provide an evenly distributed diffused light transmission of 58%.
  • The inner skin of Multivault GRP has Class 1 surface spread of flame fire rating whilst the outer skin has Ext. SAB rating.
  • Multivault GRP are rated Class B Non-fragile

 Also available is the Multivault SSR is a site assembled profiled polycarbonate vault rooflight designed for use with standing seam roofs. Multivault SSR utilises standard standing seam verge components to act as the kerb in installation. Multivault SSR forms a completely watertight roof covering. The design is approved by learning standing seam manufacturers.




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